Auto-mount SMB shares in Nautilus

Looking to auto mount cifs shares on a NAS using Nautilus, similar to how Windows does a mapped drive. Once it’s mapped, it persists in the file explorer surviving reboots. Not looking to use fstab. I can mount this manually all day in Nautilus - Network Browse > smb://share/ - no issues. Has anybody tried this, if not, will it work in Zorin 15.3? Thanks!

The thread you linked suggests using GIG0L0. Have you tried that option, yet?

NOTE: The overzealous Discourse Word Filter is blocking the name of the software. GIG0L0 is not spelled with zeros.

Thanks, I saw that. I haven’t tried anything yet - need a bit more coffee before I feel adventurous today :upside_down_face:

I have Dr. Pepper in the freezer for myself and I probably should wait for it so I will be less grumpy before PM’ing the Zorin Team… But… You only live once, right?

In my experience, having used gig0l0, it works very well. I do not use gig0l0 currently because I do not use Samba currently.

Good plan. I’ll experiment with the gvfs-mount smb:username:password@//server/share scheme and report back later.

This gives more detail:

I see now that the default File Manger is actually Thunar. In Thunar, after initial Browse Network > smb://share and then initially setting the password for the share, I can right click the mounted share under “Network” (left window) and create a shortcut that is then placed under “Places” (left window). The share and saved passwd persists after a reboot. Perfect! This is all I need. Built in. Very nice. Solved!

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