Further help with smb mounts

I need some help with my Zorin 16 Pro.
I have two NAS systems and I'd liked to have a shared folder mapped for easy use in Nautilus. I found [this thread] (Auto-mount SMB shares in Nautilus) and have installed gigolo and set this as a startup app so this makes it much simpler (almost) except I now get a different issue.
When I start my PC I have to input 2 passwords one for my password keyring and the other for my login keychain, but now I am getting prompted for my smb passwords too at startup despite me clicking to "remember forever".
So I'd like to stop them doing that as the password keychain should unlock this once I've been able to type it in.

I have Zorin Lite on a laptop and it doesn't need gigolo, I've just setup shortcuts in the file explorer and they reconnect when I start PC. This also only has the login keyring password not the extra one when I start.

So can someone help me get the main PC working the way I want?

Just to add when I rebooted just there, I hit cancel on the pop-up box instead of typing the smb password and the shares are still available to use in Nautilus. :man_shrugging:

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