Auto restart when doing work

Is this your machine?

Check what version of BIOS you've got, if it's a lower version number than the latest on that site, download the .zip file, extract it, and follow the directions to update the UEFI / BIOS.

If it's a Windows-specific installation file, let us know... there's a workaround that'll let you update the UEFI / BIOS even if you don't have Windows installed.

Yes this is my motherboard

Great. Now reboot, and enter the BIOS setup... there should be a page in there that tells you the version you've got installed.

Write that version down and compare it to the latest version on that website.

Doing it

Nope, mine one said 0401*64
Build date 5/16/2017

Wow, that's outdated. Latest is 03/21/2023. You're 27 updates behind. Definitely need to update.

I just realized... your machine isn't bootable, so we're going to go with the alternative means of updating the UEFI / BIOS.

You'll need another computer (which I'm assuming you have, since you're still posting here) and an empty USB stick.

We're going to set up Ventoy, download a Windows 10 PE .ISO file, boot that .ISO file on your Asus machine, then use Windows 10 PE to extract the .ZIP file you downloaded and update the UEFI / BIOS from that Windows 10 PE.

You can do the setup of the USB stick on your other computer, then once it's ready, plug it into the Asus machine and boot Win 10 PE. I'd put the .ZIP file with the UEFI / BIOS update onto the USB stick, too.

Look here:

I am posting here from my phone.

And yes, i have another pc where another linux is also installed there

Ok, good. Use that other PC to set up the USB stick with Ventoy and Win 10 PE. Then carry it over to your Asus and boot it into Win 10 PE.

Once you've got that USB stick set up, you can also download the Zorin OS .ISO file and drop it onto the USB stick... so you can boot to Zorin OS USB stick, or to Win 10 PE. That's your emergency recovery USB stick.

Given the size of USB sticks nowadays, you'll likely still have lots of free space... you can try out other distros LiveCD .ISO files just by dropping them onto that USB stick and booting it.

Doing it

I lost the track,
U r saying that i need to make a bootable pendrive with windows 10 and then boot it into my asus system then download that bios file, extract and install.

Just follow the directions in the link I provided. You're going to download the Ventoy installation program (Ventoy2Disk), use gnome-disks (select the USB stick (very important that you do this first), click the '3 vertical dots' button at upper-right and select "Restore Disk Image", select the Ventoy .ISO file, set it burning), boot the USB stick, set up Ventoy (again, select the USB stick to set up to), boot back into Linux and download the Win10 PE .ISO file (and the Zorin OS .ISO file) and drop them onto the large empty partition on the USB stick (don't 'burn' them, just copy them onto the large USB stick partition... Ventoy boots the .ISO file directly in what's known as a loop-mount, no need to 'burn' it. You can do the same manually for any .ISO file, but Ventoy makes it easy.).

I'd drop that .ZIP file for the UEFI/BIOS update on there, as well, so it's accessible when you're booted into Win10 PE.

Then you carry that USB stick over to your Asus and boot it, selecting Win 10 PE to boot to. If Win 10 PE doesn't work, you've also got Zorin OS to boot to.

I'm not sure which key you have to press on your Asus to change boot order (my HP is F9). If you can't figure it out, then boot into the BIOS and change the boot order so the USB stick is first to boot.

Ok, on it

Currently downloading the win10_2h22_Enterprise iso and zorin os iso

Is that the Win10 PE .ISO file from the link in that post I provided (from Make sure it's not an installation .ISO... the Win10 PE is a live-boot .ISO... it won't install, but it'll fool a UEFI / BIOS update into thinking it's running under a proper Windows installation.

That's how I update the UEFI on my HP machine, since HP only provides Windows-specific files.

I made a mistake, i was downliding the installation one.
Let me download that

The pendrive is named as VentoyLiveCD, there is an EFI file.

So, i am suppose to copy paste the windows pe iso amd zorin os iso file outside the EFI folder right??

Did you boot the USB stick and set it up yet? Do that first. The Ventoy .ISO file you downloaded (Ventoy2Disk) is just the setup program. You need to boot the USB stick, it'll run the installation and set up the partitions on the USB stick, then you boot back into Linux to drop the Win10 PE and Zorin OS .ISO files (and the .ZIP file for the UEFI / BIOS update) onto the first partition of the USB stick.

Ok, let me bot it to the pendrive ventoy

Once you've got the Ventoy2Disk installation running, select the Option menu and select GPT. Make sure you've selected the USB stick to set up to, then click the button to copy the files over to the USB stick.

Yeah, I know it's weird... you're wiping and partitioning the USB stick from a program running from the USB stick, but that installation program is wholly loaded into memory, so we can do that.

After you've got the Win10 PE and Zorin OS .ISO files and the UEFI / BIOS update .ZIP file copied over to the first partition of the USB stick, you might try it on your working computer first, just to be sure Win10 PE boots properly.

It's slow to boot, but it works for me to update UEFI.

It boot into ventoy, but it stuck there, it's doing nothing i guess.