Auto tiling windows

Is there a way to have windows auto tile?

I searched gnome extensions but could not find one where window tile automatically on opening.
I also found you can install the pop os shell, but the way to install seems kinda hacky.

Is this it?

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I tested it out, but it doesn't tile automatically when opening a new window.

OK, it is beyond me :sweat_smile:
I will call other volunteers:
@Aravisian @StarTreker @Storm @337harvey

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My brain is moosh, I rather pound my head into a wall. :face_with_head_bandage: :brick:


No, you don't :frowning:
Thanks for reply to my call anyway.

Are we the only ones around at this time?

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Hacky is not necessarily a bad thing. :wink:

I'm really not sure on Gnome-Extensions. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't... Sometimes they work sometimes and not others.

Pop Shell does perform in the way you want... I'd suggest Goin' For It.


Depending on @HanneMaes's proficiency level, it might be prudent to create a full disk image backup with Clonezilla/Resccuezilla before this big move.


I installed the Pop OS Shell, and it works great!

I used this tutorial: [HOW TO] Install Pop OS Shell on Zorin 16 - #21 by HanneMaes


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