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Im new to Zoring OS community.I am from windows 10.My other laptop wouldnt install the very lastest windows 10.So i came across Zorin OS 16.Love it and so far its fast and sleek.In the future i might buy the pro version.But untill then ill stay with the version i have.I have all updates on it.So far no probelms with it.Im looking forward meeting new friends in the Zorin Forum.Have a great week or weekend and a happy new year!!!


I also have windows 10 laptop but I was unable to install zorin os it's showing error.

@brown07 Hi and welcome to the forum. Thanks for stating you have ZorinOS "Education" edition in your profile.

Can you please start a new thread in the "Installing Zorin" section, describing your problem and the error message you see during installation. If you include a screenshot, that always helps to illustrate problems to people trying to help.

In the meantime, can you please take time to read this information Before you install

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