Back to old PC

Hello all.
Today i must back to my old PC.
I will trying installing Zorin Core. I hope it will be working.

If you got a 64 bit CPU and more than 4GB RAM it should work for a basic needs. If you are planning to use some heavy apps, 8GB RAM would be better.


I see here near 16 GB. I want learning linux from inside but my gaming pc have this broken GPU and crash operating system switch button reset help.
Besides this is for learning not a gaming.

You have more than enough.
As you have already known, Linux is very economical when it comes to computer resources :slight_smile:


When put lsblk my ssd have 29 GB i will install only spotify on then no games.

It is a little too small but if you know what to install on it then it should be OK.

I once was running Peppermint OS on 7GB space on the eMMC. It was challenging but I learnt a lot about a file system of Linux.

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Finished Installing. Created partition manually.

@FrenchPress Boy, that was interesting bit to read...TYSm as I'm considering running a older system with a Athlon XP 2000 +

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Yes now I am somewhere here.
Compiling The Linux Kernel On Ubuntu & Debian

Is it 32 bit CPU?
Then your choice is somewhat restricted.

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This is Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200/2nd

Far...Far...Far..........Too Small! You could only install Bionic Pup on a drive that small. And even then, you will only be surfing the web on it.

Recommended SSD size today is 128GB minimum, 256GB recommended. And again, those are still minimum's, those drives are not for going all out with a computer, its just having space flexibility to use your computer properly.

For people that do multi-media with their PC as well as surf the web, I recommend 512GB. If your doing production work or gaming, the recommended jumps up to 1TB minimum now.

Main Computer have little more place.
Disk 4 is Zorin Pro

Yeah, thats the computer that has many hard drives. I made a comment about that, and you told me to not worry as you had enough watts in that PSU to power all of them.

I have 4 SSDs and a 860W PSU - The cooling fan never kicks in. This might have been an overkill.

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Yes 2 x NAS 3.5"
2 x 2.5" HDD
Dato: 18. september 2015 This is the date when order this PC.
Then he have some years and it is possible GPU in PCI could be starting doing problem with crashing with problem vrm.
People sayed it crashing using google chrome and then they get often a black screen.

Did you try re-seating the card?

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In this forum i put all things also photo when put new pasta. I also last time flashed from guide tom's hardware. Maybe have some trojan ulps digging bitcoin.
My graphic card start be "sick" after 2020 march.

I think the chances are physical break-down.
I've never heard any Linux user who got their GPU damaged by a Malware.


There is no kill like overkill! Go big, or go home!

Its in my greatest of opinions that you did the right thing. You know what happens when you do the wrong thing with power supplies?

I know someone who upgraded their computer with a higher performance GPU for gaming. But he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, and well, he neglected to upgrade the power supply.

And since his power supply wasn't a high quality one with special protections, he overloaded the original power supply, and he fried components in the process. So whats the lesson here?

It is wise to have more power then you need, then to require more power, and not have it.


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