Background is black and mouse cursor moving but clicking does nothing

so I start my computer normally I go to click my account to type my password and nothing thought its just the mouse and ill deal with it so I click enter type in my password but now I see that the background is black I got a feeling that its not the mouse so I boot to windows 10 which I am using right now and everything is okay , tried more times in zorin and tried an other mouse still nothing , I hope u can help me !

Can you try the steps here: [SOLVED] Black screen after install ?

my problem is very different I have been using zorin for a year now and I get the login page and when I put my password I get the desktop with all the icons I have but the background is black and mouse clicks not working , I can open the terminal and other keybaord shortcuts

Regarding the mouse, I assume it is a USB mouse. Can you try other USB ports?
Can you see if one of the following help?