Backup data to move to new Distro

After a couple of months of using Zorin, I am moving back to Endeavour OS, for a number of reasons including faster system performance, Better support for Plasma my preferred de, The aur and use of a better package manager and mainly as I'm not a linux beginner something that Zorin is mainly catered for.

I want to know if there is a way to back up/move some data/apps that I can't find explicit documentation for. These apps include some singleplayer offline worlds in Veloren, My current unity installation(I can't reinstall it as I am on limited wifi data amounts due to my place of residence) and the unity projects in my home directory as I have tried to transfer them to usbs in the past but failed to load up the projects even with the exact same installation.

Please provide adequate information if you know of any methods.

Being an experienced linux user one should know?

As i'm not an experienced linux user can you explain to me why Endeavour OS is better equip to handle Plasma DE?

Try this link, they may have a better idea as you said your returning back to Endeavour.

This is one way to backup some parts to full system backup

Good luck take care.


Zorin isn't explicitly designed for KDE it's designed for gnome and mainly uses GTK applications so replacing all those for their QT equivalents will take a while and it's just easier to install a straight-up plasma distro. Something that endeavour caters to as you can choose any desktop.

GTK is still installed with plasma but its generally easier to just use QT

Thanks but that will take a copy of the whole system I mainly just need to transfer my apps and unity projects

Zorin OS is adaptable as any distro.

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ik but I still prefer Endeavour and plus zorin is a bit old and slow to my liking

Plus I'm a proper distro hopper

Edit: We are straying a bit off topic

You can copy your home folder to a usb, zipped if you like, and restore to the new distro.

You would not have to do this if your home was a different partition (I've been doing this since my second Linux installation... only on Linux for two years now).

You will still have to download applications, but this --> Easily Reinstall may make that easier since it's running one command and a file with the list of installed applications (remove the Zorin references prior to installing).


lol that link for the eos forum was my post
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I just use up data installing the unity editor as you install it after installing unity-hub through the unity hub application but thanks ill look at home partitions what do you think is a decent size (I have a 500gb drive)

Home should be your largest partition. I use 300gb for home, 120gb for root and have a 600gb data partition i share with my 110gb win partition. The rest of the 2tb is for a backup partition (minus efi).

It's really a matter of preference and what you store.


do applications get installed into home(I think they dont but just checking

No, they are in /usr/share/bin, /usr/local/bin, /usr/bin and some are installed to /opt.

You will have to check what is installed where. Copying the /usr directory is not recommended because the next distro may not accept or use some of those applications and configurations, causing conflict and errors.


ok but can you copy the folders within that

Ok just checked my data it renews this month and I have 20gb left might just reinstall the unity editor but for the veloren worlds I have worked for ages on them and since they are offline they are not cloud hosted which might be hard to get them back

You can, but it is not recommended to restore from a copy of /usr.

I understand your issues, but even windows would require a reinstall of the application. You have no idea which applications have links to system folders (i.e. /dev, /var, /sys). Without knowing this, and what dependencies it requires (libraries and the versions this installation uses) you cannot just copy and paste. Depending on the kernel used by endeavor, this is the case that determines what version of libraries are available and which version of an application is required to install.

This will most likely cause you more issue than reinstalling the applications (easily done by the link i provided above) and shouldn't be more than 300mb per app, if that.

Not being novice in Linux, you should know that.

Backup those "worlds" to an external drive or usb stick, that will be a simple copy and paste... the rest, as long as they are apt or .Deb installations, are not large at all. Most not even 100mb.


yes true i am more of a novice in bash coming from bsd but yes I understand

Recommendation: DATA PARTITION

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yep :sunglasses:

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