Battery info didn't change after replacing old battery

Hello! I'm having problems with Zorin os. I've bought a new battery and it still shows up as the bad one. It didn't refresh and now I can't really use my laptop on battery power.

Some info about my laptop:
Model: Acer aspire 5742Z
Memory: 6GB
Processor: Intel Pentium P6200 2.13GHz*2
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics

and I'm using Zorin os 16.3 Core. If you need more info, tell me. Also I'm not a linux expert..just sayin'...

The battery sends basic performance statistics to the OS (Whether it be Linux, Mac or Windows). This is done by a chip in the battery casing.
Sometimes a battery needs to be calibrated by cycling it through using it until it completely drains, then charging the battery up to 100% (Or as near as you can tell) with the notebook computer not being used while charging. I usually suggest letting it drain completely (notebook dies), then plugging it in and letting it charge overnight as you sleep.
A couple of those cycles will calibrate the battery.

Many details as to the battery are set by the manufacturer and accessible in the BIOS (Motherboard) settings, not in the OS.
Some manufacturers include a Reset Button for the battery (I have owned many Acer Aspires and never noticed one) and some manufacturers lock the battery to ensure that the end user only uses OEM batteries and cannot replace it with another maker.

What is your output in terminal for:

upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0

Further reading:

Hi! Here's the output:

native-path: BAT0
model: Li_Ion_4000mA
serial: 0000
power supply: yes
updated: 2023. aug. 7., Monday, 01:41:42 CEST (80 seconds ago)
has history: yes
has statistics: yes
present: yes
rechargeable: yes
state: charging
warning-level: none
energy: 2,1384 Wh
energy-empty: 0 Wh
energy-full: 2,376 Wh
energy-full-design: 47,52 Wh
energy-rate: 1,78736 W
voltage: 12,132 V
time to full: 8,0 minutes
percentage: 90%
capacity: 5%
technology: lithium-ion
icon-name: 'battery-full-charging-symbolic'
History (charge):
1691365302 90,000 charging
History (rate):
1691365302 1,787 charging

Which info did not change?

The "energy-full". I checked it with tlp too, and it said:
charge_full= 220 [mAh]
capacity= 5.0 [%]

And if I don't misunderstand anything, then I'm sure that means the full capacity of the battery and I think it should be at least 1000 mAh considering this is the new one. Yesterday when I was testing It said it was on 39% and it said it would need 1 hour to charge to 100% but after a few minutes it was 100% and I unplugged it and it died after like...2-3 mins I think.

If I misunderstood something please tell me.

I do not think you are misunderstanding anything. Clearly, the battery is giving an improper reading. I would recommend Calibrating the battery as discussed above.
If that does not work, the new battery may actually be faulty.

Okay, I will try to recalibrate it. Thanks for the help!

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