Benchmarking app for zorin15.3 vs. fedora32

I’m thinking if I setup the Zorin OS15.3 in wrong manner.
But I could not be sure what is causing this.
The Fedora is running later Linux version 5.8.7-200.

Most likely they should be rather measured at the end of the run to be sure of the used time.

Hi, I think we have had this discussion before. Why not try installing Zorin as a VM then install higher kernel to the VM and see if it has any performance issues or if you have a spare hard drive, install 15.3 to that and update to the newest kernel on that drive so you don’t screw your production drive you use on a daily basis?

I just return to Zorin after using Fedora for maybe a month. Definitely, Zorin perform much better - boot and shutdown time, gaming, everything. Not saying that Fedora 32 was bad, it still faster than Windows 10 on my HP Elitbook 840 G1, but is slower than Zorin 15.

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Hi Uliks and welcome! I tried Fedora 31 Workstation a while back and what bugged me was no package manager present by default - I searched the Fedora forums where long-time users also complained of a lack of app installers. Certainly not a distro for someone coming from Windows! It was bare-bones and just … awful! I’ve played with Fedora (don’t tell her Dad!) since version 3 and you know when you get that feeling that you haven’t found the one yet?! :wink:

It looks like the ZorinOS has higher mean CPU temperature than Fedora32 and also higher variation in the temperature and benchmark results…