Best compatible Wi-Fi adapter? HP drivers?


Just installed ZorinOS. A couple of problems I ran into:

First problem, the Wi-Fi connection was very slow at the start, but when I installed the Broadcomm drivers the connection disappeared altogether (the Wi-Fi setting vanished). Regardless, my dedicated Wi-Fi card (TP-Link) is not compatible with Linux. (A shot in the dark, but is there any open source project that could make it work with Zorin?) So, I need to look for a Wi-Fi card or adapter that has a long range. Speed is secondary. Any suggestions (ideally available through Amazon)?

Second topic, I tried to print something with my HP printer. The OS detected the device, but on every printing attempt, the queue was immediately wiped. Are HPLIP (HP printers drivers) bundled with Zorin? What can I do to fix this?


I'm using intel (Asus) AX200 wifi card, works out of the box on all linux distros.

The HPLIP should be available in Zorin in the repositories.

apt search hplip

It is HPLIP not HPLIB! :wink:
Any old Netgear USB dongle should work like WG111v.3. Alternatively get a dedicated GNU/Linux wifi dongle from


Thank you, I'll try.

USB dongles usually have pretty mediocre range. I'd prefer something like an antenna, since it's a desktop build.
Sadly, thinkpenguin shippings would be a bit expensive for me in my region. Any other suggestions?

The only brand on amazon that is listed as Linux compatible was this:

The Linux link on their store is not working when I post!

A couple of Days ago an User posts that an AX210 works with Zorin:

@Storm. You missed the HPLIB / HPLIP in the text. I just edited that for you. Zab.

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