Best financial software for Linux

I am planning to run Zorin in a dual boot setup alongside Win7, but eventually want to go 100% Linux. What is the best Linux-based financial software to replace Quicken? Or can one of those conversion utilities (like Wine) allow using Quicken in Zorin OS? That would be the best solution of all!

Thanks in advance for all replies.

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I used GNU Cash in the past while on Windows.

You should check out CodeWeaver CrossOver, as they build on top of Wine with in-house tweaks. They're a huge contributor to Wine.

Often easier and have better success in installing Windows software on GNU/Linux. I'm using them for some of my applications.


I use MoneyDance for both my personal accounts and my wife's business.


One of the final deciding factors when I left windows for Linux, was finding a Microsoft Money replacement. I exported my money files and imported them into KMyMoney and it worked great. Have everything since 2005. Came over to Linux in 2017. I guess it all depends on your personal needs, wants. What suits you. There are quite a few out there. Experimentation with what appeals to you is the best way really.
If you'd like to try KMM, it's in the repositories.

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I've used (HomeBank | Free personal finance software, money management for everyone)for a while with Zorin 15.3 Lite and I've really liked it. Until now the best I know that can run flawlessly on Zorin.

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