Best Package manager for zorin os

I am new to Linux.
I know about the store.
but some stuff I want is not in the store.
What is the best package manager and best way to learn how to use it

Dear TheTimeTraveler, Linux is open source, and all packages in Linux are open source, if you search for stuff with a license (like adobe packages), you will not find it on the Linux store.

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Also: Synaptic Package Manager.

sudo apt install synaptic

Or... the terminal itself. It is the most powerful and easiest to use package manager. The first step is that users must release their fear of it. It does not bite.


You can use Synaptic PM in addition to the Software Store. But that is just good for installing apt "stuff" that (may or) may not be listed in the Store.

Look here:

Scroll down to:

System packages / libraries.

Also see:

Synaptic may be mature in looks, but that is not a bad thing. It works well.


their is still opensource programs that is not in the store

The nature of OpenSource means it will not always be in a store. Sometimes you need to Go To The Source.


I covered this in the Unofficial Manual for Zorin 15 Core (Page 99-103):

  1. Synaptic Package Manager - either via Software or the terminal.
  2. Gdebi Package Manager - for 3rd party packages not available from official repos.
    If you want to install a third party package, let's say Timeshift debian package (.deb) you would launch Gdebi, Select File from the menu and then point to the .deb package you want to install. Gdebi is a boon as it checks that your system has all the dependencies needed for it to run.

Synaptic Package Manager Is My Favorite. See what other's think!

I have found that searching the web for software i may potentially want, and narrowing to a terminal install (not including snap or flatpak) is the best way to reliably install anything i could want. I'd rather a deb download or a line of sudo apt install [package-name] any day over the software store.

Make sure to check out the tutorials and guides category for some software that will improve your experience, guides for Linux knowledge (command prompt, steam and tlp). Then search the web for image software, office software, ide's and other wonderful additions that will make your computer yours, productive and efficient.


You also can download the source of the programs or applications directly in it website. You can install an application in Zorin in many format like deb package, appimage, or install manual in terminal.

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I usually go to the website of the program before I try to the synaptic, snap, flathub, etc. since each program have their own style here. GIMP seems to update more the package from the synaptic. They suggest it in their site. Inkscape and Krita's package in synaptic isn't updated but their package in appimage does. Lunacy, my new fave program in the list, have working application updated in Snap store but not their .deb package still have bugs. So, in looking for how to download your favorite program, its like trial and error. What work, what's not. And which is updated and not, plus which do you prefer.


For third party apps:

Then use Gdebi! :sunglasses:


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