Bitlocker Support for Zorin 17

It will be nice have this feature available on next release of Zorin.


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There are better alternatives:

There has been a litany of issues for Windows users in August this year.
Personally, avoid heartache and don't encrypt. (Speaking from work experience in a Windows environment where Windows crashed two days aftter encrypting data partition and all data lost, but fortunately there was a nonhencrypted data backup.)

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I use Linux Mint 21 Vanessa Xfce and if I remember correctly bitlocked ntfs partitions work out of the box and you don't need to install dislocker as I was doing before on earlier Mints. You can give it a try yourself by booting a live version of Mint 21 from usb.

I open different topic about this issue:

I would really like to move my organization into ZORIN, cuz i really like what i see with system, but using now Windows and we are using disks, usb drives, with bitlocker protection and i can't go with Zorin for them, becasue cannot access files easily, other Linux distribution got this by default e.g Lubuntu.