Cannot run external disk/usb disk with bitlocker password

I start to use Zorin. Unfortunatelly i come accross pretty big issue on my side, that i cannot use usb/disk that has password protection created by me with windows bitcloker. Every time i a trying to open my disk i get msg:

Can anyoone help?
Same disk can be open on other pC with LUBUNTU

BitLocker Drive Encryption is a data protection feature that integrates with the Windows operating system. When activated, it will encrypt the contents of the hard drives in Windows, making the data inaccessible without the correct decryption key. It is designed to minimize the risk of data theft or exposure from lost or stolen computers.

When a user starts their computer and properly authenticates with the correct credentials, BitLocker will decrypt the data and allow seamless usage of the hard drive and the data it contains. Without the correct credentials, the encrypted hard drive data will look like random noise.

BitLocker & Ubuntu installation

If you plan to install Ubuntu side by side with Windows, you need to take into consideration the operational setup on your computer.

  • If you are not using BitLocker, Ubuntu will be able to see the correct hard drive structure, including any partitions and data stored on it. This allows the guided wizard to correctly map the data, and safely make adjustments to accommodate the additional installation of Ubuntu alongside Windows.
  • If you are using BitLocker, the hard drive contents will not be accessible, and they will appear as random noise. This means that the Ubuntu installer cannot correctly map data, and the additional installation cannot be safely performed without data loss… Additionally, some manufacturers ship systems with BitLocker enabled but the hard drive contents not yet encrypted. In this case the Ubuntu installer will also not be able to correctly map data.

You can:

  • Cancel the installation of Ubuntu and continue using Windows only.
  • Decide that the data stored in Windows is not important, and that you are willing to overwrite the data contents. The Ubuntu installer can then erase the entire contents of the hard drive and create its own structure (partitions and data). This is a destructive operation, with no option to recover any Windows data.
  • Decide to turn BitLocker off. This will turn the encryption feature, and the hard drive and its data will be visible and accessible from the Ubuntu installer, allowing it to correctly and safely set up a side-by-side configuration. For systems with BitLocker enabled but not yet encrypted you will need to first turn BitLocker on and then turn it off.

Turn BitLocker off

If you decide to proceed with the third option, you will need to do the following:

  • Back your data up - any encryption procedure, hard drive structure change or installation of new operating systems on a hard drive that already contains data can potentially lead to a data loss. You need to make sure your personal data is safe. Even simply copying the important files to an external drive can minimize the risk of data loss.
  • Quit the Ubuntu installer and reboot the computer into Windows.
  • In Windows, open Settings > type Manage BitLocker in the search box. Alternatively, open Control Panel > System and Security > BitLocker Drive Encryption.

Windows will now inform you that it is going to decrypt the data.


This process can take a little bit of time:



  • Once this step is complete, reboot the computer, log into Windows, to make sure everything works correctly, and that all your data is intact.
  • Reboot your computer again, and launch the Ubuntu installer. At this point, you will be able to proceed with the hard disk configuration step.

Hi,thank you for taking look into matter.
What i meant is:
i have data like docs, files that i always store on pendrive with password protection.
Now when i try to access data from my pendrive, i cannot do that. Is there any solution for that issue or i have to go into other linux distrubition?

I installed system with LVM system file, maybe is better to go with ex4?
Can anyone confirm that on ext4 bitlocker function work fine?

So i reinstall system to ext4 and it doesn't help

Maybe this can help: Mounting a BitLocker encrypted usb drive on Ubuntu Linux

Other options you can consider are Veracrypt and Cryptomator. Both are cross platform and have the slight downside that they must be installed in every machine in order to encrypt/decrypt data from the usb. Note that Cryptomator does not encrypt the usb drive itself, but rather individual folders so you can combine encrypted and non-encrypted files and folders.

As an aside, when formatting the USB, if you intend to use it with both Windows and Linux machines, choose NTFS or FAT32 (only if NTFS causes issues). Otherwise EXT4 is the probably the better option.

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Thank you Zenzen, i will check veracrypt .
Would you confirm or not if that is global issue or it has something only with my Core Zorin configuration?
For the distrubution that is very user windows friendly, not accessing usb disk with bitlocker password protection seems like massibe issue. I checked in Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu, Fedora and those system hadn't got any issues to accessing my disk with bitlocker without any additional software.

Unfortunately I cannot answer that as I've never used BitLocker myself. The fact that it works out of the box in other distributions makes me think ZorinOS is not using any compatibility for this feature in particular.

Just real quick I'd like to make clear that the goal of ZorinOS is not to become a feature-by-feature clone of Windows or MacOS. It's goal is to provide an alternative that reassembles those environments to make as smooth a transition as possible. Still, it's a different operating system and there will be fundamental differences that may or may not be overcome easily.

As mentioned in a previous post, Bitlocker is a Windows-specific tool. There may be attempts to bring the functionality to other operating systems, using tools like dislocker, which is probably what other distributions include by default.

Why this hasn't been implemented in ZorinOS is up for debate. I would guess it's just not something many people use or have replaced with Linux-specific alternatives. However there are others who have reported similar issues recently, so it may very well be addressed in future versions of ZorinOS.


I do understand that, but i believed more people should have easier way to go into another system from Windows, and as far i sow many distribution of Linux, Zorin seems for me be the best option and i am very impressed for what i see.
Still, functionality of bitlocker works on ubuntu so it should be "easier" implemented into ZORIN.
Lets take my example, i want to dig, so i spending time to find solution, but many others who doesn't have time , even though they would be positively suprised by the look of ZORIN wont investigate futher because of lack possiblity using Drives with bitlocker.

How can we suggested this issue for those who develope ZORIN?

The feedback section is the perfect place to make suggestions. While normally the developers don't actively participate in a lot of threads in here, they do read them and occasionally try to help. In one of the links I shared above, they are both tagged about this very issue.

And I do mean both because the ZorinOS development team is exactly that, in contrast to companies like Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu, running on a much larger budget and development teams. This probably is also part of the reason why not every feature available in other distributions is also available in ZorinOS.

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I went through:
Veracrypt - cannot mount bitlocker drive (shame)
Cryptomator - can only encrypt than it can be decrypted so doesn't work in my case

I go through 3rd option disklocker, and it works.

There are bash scrypts, so it makes easier to run program after restart of PC.

In my case i need to combine info from both sites to make it works for me:

sudo apt-get install dislocker
sudo mkdir /media/bitlocker
sudo mkdir /media/mount
sudo fdisk -l
sudo dislocker -v -V /dev/sdb1 -u#53!12345 -- /media/bitlocker
sudo mount -r -o loop /media/bitlocker/dislocker-file /media/mount

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