Black screen after GRUB when using Live USB

I have a Zorin 15.3 Live USB I want to use on my HP Envy x360 (Ryzen 4700U), but whenever I choose any of the GRUB menu items that would Install/Try Zorin I just get a black screen. I’ve tried a known working Zorin 15.1 USB too and the same issue occurs. The issue does not occur when installing Pop OS (20.04), Manjaro, or Ubuntu LTS (18.04), but I would much rather use Zorin.

Here are some points I want to make clear to avoid wasting time:

  • Secure Boot is off.
  • I have successfully booted into other distros on this machine.
  • I do not have an Nvidia graphics card in this machine.
  • The USB is not the issue. It is known to be working, and has successfully installed other distros on this machine.
  • It is not a corrupt ISO issue. I have tried a USB with Zorin 15.1 that has been successfully used to install Zorin on my desktop. The same USB exhibits the same issue I’m describing here.
  • I cannot run any commands on the machine. The screen goes black after selecting the Try/Install GRUB option and I can’t get to a TTY.

As far as I can see, all of these things together indicate a problem with the Zorin ISO itself. So, is there any way around this?

If there’s anything else you need to know about what I’ve done or my system setup, let me know!

Can you please try Aravisian’s suggestions here?