Black Screen after updating system


I just installed Zorin OS 15 this morning, on a dual boot with W10.
After updating the system, i reboot then i got black screen after choosing "Zorin OS"

I noticed that the system is working, because my keyboard changes his color ( i setup this) and i can use terminal and type commands. I just have no display at all, a black screen.
I'm on Lenovo Legion laptop with a RTX 2060m and i5-9700k with 16gb of ram.

I already got this problem with other distro... Solus won't boot at all, just black screen.

I don't know what to. Any fix idea please?

Before you install This might help. Since you have mentioned that you have W10 installed, make sure that #2 #3 #4 in the above post is done.

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There are a number of threads on here that address "black screen after boot", which you can refer to, including this one: Failure to boot following automatic update

Can you boot a recovery mode?
Post a screenshot of any screen output you get.