Black screen after waking up from Suspend(hibernate)

I am really happy using Zorin as an os and thanks team Zorin for such friendly desktop environment.
Now, the issue m facing is that whenever I wake my PC on after Suspend or hibernate the screen is just black and nothing responds(not even my keyboard). I have seen online some reports of the same problem on ubuntu as well, so have followed the editing GRUB file trick considering Zorin is also based on Ubuntu but it didn't work.

Please let me know how to resolve it!!


Try adding Hibernate option to your device and see if it works.


Thanks for lending a helping hand!
I have Suspend option already there and the system does go to hibernate when I click it. Only when I wake it up there is no login screen instead only a black screen staring at me.

Yet I tried your suggestion but still, it's not working.
sudo xfce4-power-manager-settings shows 'command not found'.


The solution given here might help:

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created a swap partition of 2GB but don't know how to update swapfile on grub or fstab

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I suppose Hibernate and Suspend are different and Work Differently, as @anon6471198 suggested enabling Hibernate and not using Suspend may solve your problem.

If his article is not working there are a Lot of articles that can help you adding hibernate as an option :smiley:


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