Blank screen after installing the latest updates

I had not used my Zorin Computer for over a month and today it called for updates. It said that some packages will be removed (not sure of the exact words) and a new system will be installed. I went ahead with that but now when it boots I get first the Zorin Logo then a few minutes later "ZORIN" on the screen, I see the hard disk activity for some time and the screen goes blank and a cursor blinks on the tom left hand side. No login screen that I usually see. I push the power button and I see disk activity like I see during a normal shutdown and the PC powers off. Turning it on results in the same issue. I am running Zorin OS 16.1, 64 bit,Windows System X11.
I rebooted again and pressed the ESC key, got a menu selected Advanced and got the option of several kernels to boot and so I selected then second kernel on the list "Zorin, with Linux". This came up fine and I am able to login. My PC does have a Nvidia Integrated Graphics card. I am running Zorin on a ASUS ET2700 All-in one Computer.

Any help appreciated.

Yesterday the kernel was rolled out. Seems your hardware has issues with it. for now stick with the kernel.

Thank you very much @rumplin
I am trying to find a way to make the default kernel and am trying to finding a way to do that.
I was also thinking of removing altogether.
Trying to find ways to do that.
If you can point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it.
Thank you.

You can remove with:

sudo apt remove linux-headers- linux-modules- linux-modules-extra- linux-image-

Thank you very much @Aravisian
I will make my default kernel.

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