Bluetooth Battery Level Indicator

Is there a way to show the battery level of my connected Bluetooth ear phones on the system tray?

Can you go to dconf-editor (alt+F2 and type dconf-editor in the box that appears)? If you don’t have it, use sudo apt install dconf-tools to get it.
In the editor, go to path shown in attached pic and change the “Use default value” toggle switch and see if that brings anything up.

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Someone wrote a python script for it:

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Even before the change, my Bluetooth is working as it should. But I don’t see the power level of connected Bluetooth earphones. Whereas, in android I could see the battery level of the earphones, but not in Zorin.

Isn’t there a GUI version? Supposedly, an extension to show the battery level on the system tray?

And I’ve seen that script already. It didn’t work for me.