Bluetooth headphones connected, not showing up in output devices

im able connect and pair with it and when i click on it in bluetooth settings it gives me a prompt to go to sound settings but the headphones arent showing up in there

What bluetooth headset do you have?

There have been cases where the standard bluetooth settings app discovers the device, but sound does not detect the bluetooth headphone or speaker etc.

You could try and install Blueman to manage bluetooth devices. See this thread: Bluetooth sound is garbled Zorin Pro Dual Boot - #5 by Tink

Calling @FrenchPress who I think knows more about bluetooth issues.

While I use Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, I have no sound system on Bluetooth.

But I always recommend to use Blueman instead of built in Bluetooth settings for reliability and stability.
You can install Blueman in Software.


Seconded- Since I use XFCE, that means Blueman. All bluetooth devices work without trouble.


Third for Blueman :+1:

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Blueman Rulez :muscle:

I know I'm late to the party, but yes Blueman... however, to get bluetooth headsets fully working on some devices this is the fix....

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