Bluetooth headphones low volume (Marshall Motif A.N.C)

After connecting my headphones i realized that the volume was very low and if i go in the settings, turn on Over-Amplification the sound quality drops a lot, the scenario is basically the same as this thread: Low sound output from bluetooth headphones in Linux but the solution posted here does not fix my problem, there is no difference in the audio after doing it, so i tried restarting the computer to see if it needed it to take effect but after restarting the settings went back to default, i tried saving but it does nothing, it would be great if anyone could help me with that.

Some questions regarding the headphones:
1 Are they bluetooth or wired?
2 If wired, are they 3.5mm jack or USB?
3 Are they a headphone+mic combo?

They are Bluetooth and have a microphone so i would say yes they are headphones+mic combo

from websearch of "bluetooth headphone/mic low sound Ubuntu 20.04"

Found this. Don't know if anything there will help you:

Ignore ref to 18.04 as some comments also refer to 20.04 (basis of Z16).

Also. Does your headset have a volume control?
Have you tried setting that to max?

Thank you I'll try what you sent, the headphones have no volume set

i read it all and the problem is that i do not have the same headset as the people from the forum, mine are Marshalls motif ANC, i tried the solution but none worked, i will try to factory reset my headphones

Here is another from websearch:

So i factory reset the headphones and it fixed the problem, if it occurs again i will try the second link you sent me, thank you very much for the fast reply <3

Which message should i mark as solution?

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Mark your post #8 above as "Solution" if factory reset solved the problem. :+1:

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Okay, thanks again

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