Low sound output from bluetooth headphones in Linux

Headphone : Sony MDR ZX220BT
In windows the sound output was fine
but in Zorin even if I keep the volume at max ..it's still low .
I have already select the over amplication option ..to go beyond 100
But it get distorted in some songs/videos

I am using the defualt drivers
Is there anything I can do ?

I think @zabadabadoo might have some idea.
He is a specialist of Alsamixer :slight_smile:

I am wondering if it is a sound problem or a Bluetooth problem.

Anyhow lets see what @meeseeks098 can see in his Alsamixer display.
Open terminal Ctrl=Alt+T
then type alsamixer
Please post a screenshot.

Whilst in Alsamixer:
1 Check your soundcard is showing correctly, else hit [F6] to list and change it.
2 Check that none of your outputs are showing Muted or output levels are low.
3 Check Automute setting. Try disabled and see if that helps.
4 Try changing Loopback setting and see if that helps.

On the Bluetooth side, @FrenchPress is better qualified than me. But a common reccommendation on here is to install Blueman as your bluetooth device manager.


OK. You have Muted [MM] channels.
Unmute them all in turn by hitting "M" then increase the level on each.

is this what you meant ?

Screenshot from 2021-10-22 20-12-47
Okay i installed this app Pulse audio volume control .. was able to increase sound output and there is less distortion

Yes. You can do same for "Speaker".

Has any of that helped you with your BT headphones?

You can save your Alsamixer settings using:

sudo alsactl store

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I did that
Thank you
sound is similar to windows now

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If you think the problem is solved, please mark the thread as solved :ballot_box_with_check:
It will help the future visitors to the forum to find the solution they are looking for.

Thank you for choosing Zorin OS 16 and for supporting the dev's by buying PRO, you are positively stellar! :star2:

I do believe Zaba's post was the solution though. But at any rate, I am glad the issue is fixed. I assume your using USB headphones? I've been hearing some really good things about the USB headphones, because they are digital, and thus quality of sound transmission.

In the past is used to be you need a DAC to get any good sound at all from a computer lol. Anyways, please continue to enjoy Zorin OS 16.


Your Tech Support Guru

No they are just plain bluetooth headphones. no way to connect to device except bluetooth. it's an old model (maybe 5 years old)

Thats strange, guess not all bluetooth headphones/headsets come with wired 3.5mm ports. I have a pair of Cowin E7 Pro's that come with a wired port on them, which I have used many of times already. Here's mine!

Oh they look great .
Yeah wish mine had 3.5mm port.. but these were gifted to me so I am not complaining.

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