Bluetooth mouse vertical scroll has become very slow through the system after zorin 17 update

I have gone through most of the posts including this but did not find a solution
I have a Logitech MX Master 3S mouse which initially i did not have i problem with the vertical scroll but after updating to Zorin 17 the vertical scroll became very slow.the wheel will be spinning fast and you will see the page moving slowly when it is connected through bluetooth to the pc but if I use the receiver that come with the mouse it works fine. the only problem is that i need the other port where the receiver in plug-in for other purspose Is there a way this can be fixed or i have to go back to zorin 16

Have you tried booting the previous linux kernel via grub Advanced Options menu and see if problem is specific to the last kernel update.

Thanks for the reply, before I got the reply .I trying to update by graphic cards drivers and think that might have stop the mouse issue .I don't know if it is a temporary fix but it works for now

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I just realised it was a temporal fix because if the laptop comes out of suspend mode the scroll issue I switched back to the old kernel and the problem was fixed .so is there a way for the problem to fix without me staying on the old kernel or I would just have to stay on the old kernel till the release a new update which fix the problem.Also are there also benefits of using the newer kernel .this are the kernel am referring to

There are benefits if you have hardware that needs a later kernel. Otherwise, you are just fine on the previous kernel.


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