Mouse Scroll Speed (Zorin 16 Core)

In the last couple of weeks I have noticed an issue where after suspend or sleep, my mouse scroll wheel speed (distance) becomes really slow. So slow that spinning the wheel 5 times may only move 7-10 lines on the screen.

My current workaround is to power off the mouse and power it back on and then the wheel scrolling behaves as expected. I have been using Zorin 16 Core since it's official release without an issue with the mouse (and no issues on Zorin 15.x dating back to April 2020).

My current setup:

  • Zorin OS 16 Core
  • i5-11600K / 16GB RAM / 1TB NVME
  • 40" 4K Monitor
  • Integrated Intel Graphics
  • Logitech M705 Mouse

I've looked at all of the mouse settings, but there is nothing obvious to change and the fact that it works normally after a power cycle of the mouse tells me it has something to do with the computer coming out of suspend.


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Need a firmware update?

It can be only done under Windows.
If you have access to another Windows machine it can be done in there.
(I always have one bare-metal Windows for such needs).

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Interesting thought, but the firware update is only for keyboards. My M705 is just a mouse. I tried anyway, but it found no device. (...and of course Windows wants to do tons of updates on the old laptop since it hasn't been started up in over a year :roll_eyes:)


I mentioned this since I upgraded firmware for T650 to enable a tap to click function in Linux. This firmware is for improvement in Linux but only can be installed under Windows. The logic is completely beyond me...

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I just found this:


I saw that article, too, before posting here. It is Microsoft mouse specific (not Logitech) and an old version of Ubuntu. What is strange is that this worked fine for 2+ years on different versions of Zorin (15.x and 16) until about 10 days ago. Was there a new Kernel? Maybe I should try booting into an older Kernel and see if the issue persists.

Also from the SourceForge page

This package, resetmsmice, fixes scroll wheel issues with certain Wireless Microsoft mice in (includes KDE & Gnome applications), where the vertical wheel scrolls abnormally fast. Only needed if you dual boot between Microsoft Windows and some linux distro.

Mine is abnormally slow and Logitech and I don't have a dual boot system.

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Yes, recently Zorin moved to the 5.11.0-41 kernel. That is worth trying.:wink:

The link I posted is quite applicable, by the way.


I also found this...although it references a Microsoft mouse, I do have my receiver connected via a hub (I.e. a plugged into a USB keyboard). I'll see if the receiver can pick up connected to the desktop.

This is sporadically reproducible for me. It's probably a hardware quirk. I have Ubuntu 20.04 with Linux 5.4.0-37-generic. I'm using a "Microsoft Mobile Mouse 4000" which presents itself as 045e:07b2 "Microsoft Corp. 2.4GHz Transceiver v8.0 used by mouse Wireless Desktop 900". The issue only occurs when the transceiver is plugged into a desktop USB hub (MBHUB-43ST presenting as VIA Labs 2109:2813).



Seems there is no fix yet:

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Well so far, 3 times in a row without an issue with the receiver connected directly to the back of my desktop machine. :crossed_fingers:

Connecting the receiver directly to the computer (as opposed to a hub / keyboard USB port) has resolved the issue for now. I will update if the issue arises again.

Update Again
This didn't work. Seems sporadic. Maybe a Kernel issue. Will try that next as this seems to have just started with the latest Kernel update.


You could go back to the older kernel and test it. There should be at least 2 previous kernels saved in your system.
Sometimes kernel update could introduce so called regression.


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