Boot problem 1st Installation on persistent USB

Hi. I am trying to have a USB stick with a Linux distribution to run on my HP pavillion laptop with it, 16 GB of ram. I only have 35 GB free in my SSD, so I decided for the usb persistent. I was able to install Zorin 16 Pro on a 64gb intenso 3.0 USB through a virtual machine. After fighting with fast boot, legacy bios etc I have been able to boot Zorin, but it takes almost 30 minutes to open, lots of blank screen, logos, etc. After entering, I can't really even access terminal, everything is extremely slow and unresponsive, although screen well and mouse works, for example.
Could it be a hardware thing? Drivers? Nvidia graphics not loading? I have a bit of experience on Linux only with elementary OS and Ubuntu some time ago, I am not an IT expert or similar. Any help appreciated!

The trouble with USB booting is that we tend to forget that the the USB Port is the bottleneck.
With most computers these days having several high speed ports, we tend to forget that some do not, or some older machines do not.

The first thing I would check is the port speed- perhaps try switching to a different available port.
For example, mouse and keyboard should work fine even on a 1.0 USB port. But running an OS over one would be very, very slow.

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Thank you for the answer. My laptop has only usb 3.1 ports and the usb is an Intenso Speed line 3.2 with a read speed of 70 MB/s. Is there any way to check on a monitor, test, etc if the usb read is indeed the bottleneck?
Thanks again

Are you using the USB with ZorinOS installed on it or "Try Zorin" mode with persistence. Note the persistence does not work for Zorin 16/Ubuntu 20.04, but maybe OK if USB created with Ventoy (not tried myself).

I fully installed Zorin 16 into the USB as if it were a HD. I didi it on a vitual machine. Mounted the ISO, pressed install OS. It took very long, but it installed without error messages. The OS opens without errors, but to get to the log in it takes at least 15 minutes

Both of these show very slow speeds in regards to the USB stick. If you are confident in the ports, are you confident in the integrity of the stick?

Not really. I mean, it never gave me any problem writing, but I never used it for an OS. I am trying an alternative: my secondary drive D: is big (although an HDD, not a SSD). I will try to install Zorin there with the Something Else option of the installer...


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