Boot time Zorin OS vs Pop! OS

Hi all,

I have a question, why is booting up Zorin OS taking much more time than Pop! OS ? When i boot the laptop it takes some time to enter Zorin OS, when i boot Pop! the boot is so much faster.

If you play both video's in the same time here on the forum you see that i pressed pop os! 2 sec later in the video and still beating zorin os.

Zorin OS 16: Installed on a WD Blue 1TB M.2. SSD (new one)

Pop! OS 21.04: Installed on a Samsung T5 External SSD drive. Reinstalled Pop! OS on the same WD Blue 1TB M.2. SSD drive and the boot from Pop! OS is the same. So it's definitely a boot issue on zorins part.

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Your boot time on Zorin OS isn't really any worse then mine which is running on a slower machine then yours. If anything, I think your's boots quicker, which makes sense, it better! lol

The video on POP OS isn't available for me to watch in here, see above?

It could be the reason why POP OS boots faster is because of the kernel it uses. But I am thinking its more likely that it loads less at boot.

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Second video not exist on youtube.

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fixed, you can compare now


Thank you Michel, your awesome buddy!

I just thought of something else, and if I am correct, prepare to be stunned! lol

Pictures it, 2-SSD drives!

(1) Biwin SATA III 128GB Internal SSD
(2) Samsung T7 SSD External

The internal is using the max speed of the older PCIE-Gen 2 lane. The external is connected via USB 3.0. Which one do you think is going to be faster?

The internal you say? Would you be surprised to hear that you would be wrong? Because the Biwin SSD is a cheap nobody heard of brand, its not the quality of Samsung.

And since the USB 3.0 port uses the same PCIE Gen 2 lane of the older computer, the external drive would not be limited via the connection itself.

When benchmarked via the DISKS utility, the Biwin drive got something like 250MBPS. But when I benchmarked the Samsung T7 drive, it was getting more around 450 MBPS.

Now keep in mind the Samsung T7 drives are capable of 1050MPBS, but to get that, they have to be plugged into modern USB 3.1 10GBPS ports.

So if you didn't already see where I am going with this, its entirely possible that your external drive, might be faster then your internal drive. Only way to know, is to benchmark both drives using the DISKS APP.

And that could be another reason why POP is loading in faster.

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The internal SSD (Western Digital Blue 1TB M.2) is using SATA-600

The Samsung T5 2TB is using the same, USB 3.2 (Gen2, 10Gb/s), USB 3.2 (Gen2, 10Gb/s) type-c

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Its time for science Michel, Begin the experiment, our first victim, NVME drive. You shall be benchmarked, and you shall provide us the hard DATA we need.

Then, the external Samsung T5 will be the next victim, who shall also be benchmarked and forced to give up its dirty secrets. Oh what did you do with those missing bites?

No, we have ways of making your QLC talk, give up the data.

Oh man, I crack myself up. I watch too many movies lol.

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Not a nvme drive, it's a SATA M2 drive. What app can i use in linux ?

DISKS utility, found in all Linux DISTRO's.

Click zorin :zorin: logo, type disks.

Then click on the drive you want benchmarked on left list.

Then upper right click on :gear: icon

Then click on benchmark.


Here a picture of the 3 i own:

Western Digital Blue 1TB SATA M.2:

Samsung 980 1TB NVME M.2:

Samsung 870 QVO 2TB:


That 980 would wooop that hinny of the Sata one. You know how much those 980's go for these days? You don't want to know you will puke after you hear the number. lol

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Yes i do between €166,- and €266,-. I payed €100 in May 2021. But keep in mind this is not the "pro".

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Yeah, the costs of the new Pro 980's just makes me sick. :face_vomiting: Its like, no normal person can afford that unless they are like rich.

Well, I suppose if you just bought the smallest 980 M.2 that you could get, then you could afford. But it be so small, it have room for your OS sure, but nothing else.

I am all about, if you have a modern computer, you should get as much out of it as you can. And if you got an M.2 slot, I would just want to have everything on the same drive.

But like I said, costs these days, especially during the tech shortage, makes it cost prohibitive.

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It's good enough, look at the read/write speeds -> 980 NVME M.2 1TB SSD kopen? | Geheugen | Samsung Nederland

I am in zorin now to check for the benchmark. The application does not want to benchmark the T5 (greyed out).

Well you all want me take a sin to try a POP OS!
Zorin vs POP a battle?

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Zorin be Zorin-in, but Pop gonna be Popp-in.

See, Pop be Popp-in

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I can sayed 20.04 LTS from pendrive not gived me a black screen.

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DUDE, this makes me happy. Cause it looks like its gonna work, and if it makes you happy, then I will be happy too! :blush:

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POP is near what I saw design Zorin without apperance but have Menu from Fedora. Settings near Zorin what I saw. So if Pop could be better for my PC? The best idea check that.
This is nice guide a create partitions.

The same method can used in Zorin?

So my hard disk is not to big to install this OS? Interesting