Broadcom BMC4330 wifi adapter is not working

I am an absolute newbie to Linux and only yesterday purchased Zorin Ultimate.

In settings I am geeting the “no wifi adapter found” message and am not sure how to fix it myself. It seems like the correct file is available in /lib/firmware/brcm (file brcmfmac4330-sdio.bin) but I am not sure sure how to get it installed.

I have done some research but could not find any applicable solution yet.


Hi, Benny.
Please do these, in order:

  1. Could you follow the steps here and then install any updates you see? Also, please check the “Additional Drivers” tab on the Updater Settings (as shown on pics on that link).
  2. Please also check if there are any broken packages in Synaptic. Right click on any broken package and “Fix” it.
  3. If these steps still don’t fix it, please Search ‘broadcom’ (without quotes) in Synaptic. I see at least 4 different driver packages (three of them are broadcom-sta) but I don’t know which one would be appropriate for your adapter. You could try them one by one. Again, only install these if the first two steps don’t fix the issue.

None of these steps seems to have fixed the issue. I will continue using the wired connection.

You can try

I also found this by searching “Broadcom BMC4330 wifi adapter ubuntu”:

There are several items on the old forum discussing Broadcom wifi drivers etc. They refer to previous versions of Zorin OS but may be appropriate still.
Look for replies by madvinegar.