Brother All In One No Longer Printing

I’ve been using Zorin OS for about three months now. I had installed the drivers for the Brother DCPL2540-DW All In One. All of a sudden I can no longer print anything from any program. When I go into the printer settings it shows the status as “Ready.” When I click the "Print Test Page"button it says that it’s printing. Then it says printing completed. The problem is it never actually prints. Sometimes the printer will whine a bit as if it’s warming up. But does that for about 30 seconds then just stops and on screen is the message saying the printing has completed. In the printer queue after it prints it’s cleared of any jobs.

I first noticed the issue when trying to print from LibreOffice Writer. However, it’s not a LibreOffice issue. I opened an image in Gimp and tried to print from there. Same thing. Says it’s printing. Then says it’s completed but nothing actually prints. More often the printer doesn’t make any sound.

I have tried scanning something to see if it was anything wrong with powerr or USB cable as it connects to my desktop via USB cable. I use Simple Scan to can a document and it scans just fine.

The drivers I used to originally install was from the Printer settings in Zorin OS. I used the database option in Zorin OS. I have tried removing (i.e. deleting) the printer, and rebooting the PC. I then downloaded and installed the appropriate drivers from Brother’s website. Still no effect. Still does the same.

I’m not getting any errors on the PC or the printer itself.

I had this happen to me just a week ago, as well. I reinstalled the printer driver, then went back into LibreOffice writer and the printer now appeared from the print dialogue drop down menu. It showed only a generic printer option before yielding in the same exact result you describe. After reinstalling the drivers, the specific printer appeared and printed normally and without fuss.

You might try

sudo rm /usr/share/ghostscript/9.25/iccprofiles

sudo apt-get install --reinstall libgs9-common

Or, remove and reinstall CUPS.

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