Brought 16 Pro, now I have to buy 17 pro?

Zorin says if I go from 17-18 I will have to purchase the new version.

I tried to upgrade to 17 pro just to be told I can buy it for 20% off.

I am confused. I thought if you paid for Pro it was pro for life.

I searched but I could not find an answer.

A quick search provides the answer.

And yes, you paid for and receive Zorin OS 16 Pro for life, including all of its updates.

Of course, that has no impact on following releases, just like a lifetime license for Microsoft Office 2003 does not provide free upgrades all the way up to Office 2019.

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I paid for the 16 and paid for the 17 which was full of bugs. I'm waiting for the corrections but it's complicated.

I admit, I have used Ubuntu 22.04, long before Zorin OS 17 came out. This prompted me to dig around a bit. I had concerns.
I posted this due to these concerns:

Testing Zorin OS 17, I was not disappointed in the ZorinGroups actions. Given my own experiences with Zorin OS, they have a knack for overcoming the shortcomings of the base.
Even so, on my own one computer with a few rounds of testing, I found little - others found more. Users that employ their computer differently or use different software can spot the things others miss, much the way I spot the things that they miss but are important to me.

Zorin OS 17 is similar to Zorin OS 6, which introduced a major and new release of Gnome that bore many significant changes.


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