Browser's Desktop Shortcut Can't show Website Icon!

In Desktop :point_down:
but show in taskbar :-

i want to logo at desktop also

The desktop Icon is a button that allows a user to Minimize All Open Windows, thereby showing only the desktop.
The desktop icon does not display other app icons.

But in show all applications there it shows icon

see :-
Screenshot from 2022-01-22 12-45-14

Perhaps I am not understanding the question in the O.P.
The Desktop Icon is a function that clears the desktop.

Are you asking about having the Panel display Open Windows?

my question is when I create a shortcut of any website from a browser like brave it makes .desktop file and create a website like an app
but on desktop it didn't show websites icon but in other places, it shows

Ok, the desktop Icon on the panel is just as I described and in spite of the similar name, is not related to .desktop files.

In your O.P. you posted an image of Brave Browser. Is that on Your Desktop?

I created a shortcut of Zorin forum but on desktop, it shows the brave icon and on other places it shows the Zorin forum logo so I want Zorin logo in desktop shortcut also

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In the .desktop file, you may be able to change the icon:


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