Browsers Grrrrrrr

To answer my own question it is not the way to download it ...... the sudo wget -nv https:// .... does not work .....

Oh well back to the drawing board or I'll just stick to Vivaldi .... :sob:

Very cool opinion on epiphany. I had no idea. It didn't even block some YouTube ads for me, and extensions didn't exist. But that was over a year ago. I assume things changed? How do you handle ads with epiphany? Has it improved?

As far as I know, extensions in Epiphany were deprecated.
I still know of no way of blocking ads successfully in Epiphany - but that is an Ad Issue, not a Security issue.

Very little changed with Epiphany over time. Other than that if a feature turned out to be troublesome, the dev team would remove it rather than fix it.
Epiphany meshes extremely nicely with the GTK desktop themes, unlike many browsers.
It has excellent Browser Security. And it has almost no features or user definable settings.
Personally, I absolutely cannot stand it. And if I need a browser that really adheres to my gtk theme above all other priorities, Pale Moon does a better job of it.
But Pale Moon also breaks Discourse Forums - of which Zorin Forum is one of.


Tor Browser is fairly quick, and Flash Peak Slimjet another. Icecat is probably the most secure but won't show all pages as the devs request you complain to web developers that they should not be using java! Java is a known security vector for attack.


For me, Chrome is much worse than Firefox.
Moreover, Firefox comes preinstalled on most of Linux distros, so I just like it.


I was using Vivaldi for approx 6 years and never had a problem with it in all that time but t was getting a little top heavy and didn't load fast any more so I went searching ...... tried a number of different browsers and then found Brave .....

I absolutely love it and have been using it for 2 weeks now and it meets all my needs ...... it opens in about 6-8 seconds and has enough customization ability to satisfy me .... just like anything else it takes a bit of a learning curve to get comfortable with ......

BUT just like every thing in life ...... different strokes for different folks ..... :+1: :smile:


Oh no ..... I found something about Brave I don't like ..... this is the only way to increase text size I can find .....

I much prefer the slide bar type of setting as you have umpteen choices to increase or decrease the font size .... normal is to small and large is to big ...... I need something in between .... :sob: ....

Any suggestions other then change browsers ?????????? .....

Just below the "Font Size" you can go into "Customize fonts" where you have more granular controls related to fonts. Other than that, you can increase the overall zoom and just decrease the font size slightly.


Thank you sir that was the solution ..... I guess I should have remembered that the custom font setting would over ride the normal one ..... :+1: :smile:

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I also just now discovered that you can put any wallpaper you want on your start up screen ..... I chose the same one I have on Zorin 16.3 Pro and Cinnamon DE .....




I didn't realized that you could change that background to something else; isn't it confusing to have the same picture as your desktop? :smiley:


I have been using Brave for about 4 or 5 years now. At first it seems like it has a lot of junk as a default. Stuff like Brave rewards and news feeds and ads on the start up page. But Brave is so customizable you can easily get rid of anything you don't want. With the sync function if I need to reinstall it because of changing my OS or any other reason I can quickly get back all my favorites and passwords. When I tried Vivaldi it just kept crashing on me.


Not really as you can see the favorites icons in the top left hand corner are totally different than the folders on Zorin screen ..... but the best part is I can change it to anything I want ..... with Vivaldi I could choose one of their custom backgrounds but not one from my own downloads .... or at least I never saw that feature ....

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Interesting .... I've heard people say that before but in all the time I used Vivaldi ..... and I still have it installed ..... I've never had a problem with the program even on Windows ..... but Brave is now my daily driver ......

The only real downside to Vivaldi is you can transfer all your favorites buy not your passwords ..... years ago you could but for some reason they removed that feature ....

TLDR: I think I'll go all in with Firefox despite its flaws, because FREEDOM!!! And the alternative is a Google Chromium monoculture, and monocultures never end well.

I'm basically still in mourning for Opera (real Opera, not "reskinned Chromium crypto-shilling operation pseudo-Opera"). 10 years and counting :grin:

Tried pretty much all of them over the years (especially after Opera died).

Eventually settled on Firefox, then they updated it in a way that broke all the extensions I installed to get it just the way I liked it, like having the tabs at the side (because I, like pretty much everyone on the planet since the mid-00s, have a monitor that extends a lot left and right but I view web pages that go up and down; tabs (and taskbar) at side give me a little more precious vertical viewing area, so it doesn't end up like trying to read a webpage squinting through a letterbox. Not wanting to squint at letterboxed versions of webpages is apparently strange to Mozilla).

So I tried recreating my previous FF experience with new extensions. After trying, losing my mind and giving up on working out how to get the new NoScript to work like the old one, I next looked for how to get the tabs at the side. A developer who cared what users wanted might include a way to do something so simple baked right in. Not Mozilla. "But hey, at least they'll let you trawl their website to look for and install some rando third-party extension that will put the tabs at the side, right?" So I trawled said website and installed such an extension. And lo and behold, tabs at the side... and at the top as well. Yes, the same tabs in both locations.

I sat there in silence, just letting sink in the sheer, utter contempt for users and their wishes that this sight demonstrated (Gnome users, you know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

I immediately installed Vivaldi (the Opera reboot for real Opera fans), took 0.3 seconds to move the tabs to wherever TF I pleased and stuck with it for years.

But now I'm moving from Windows to Zorin (Lite, please; the freedom of XFCE, not the Mozilla-esque authoritarianism of Gnome), I think I want to try be as Free as possible (Free as in speech & Software, not as in party in my pants). In my advanced years, I'm getting more and more left-wing (a case of "adult onset socialism" :slight_smile: ). And Vivaldi is only partly open source. So it's looking like Firefox. Even if it means I have to go installing extensions, editing config files and handing envelopes of cash to strangers on street corners just to get my tabs at the side!

And also, basically every other browser out there is just Chromium under the bonnet/hood (just like the zombie crypto-shilling abomination that is pseudo-Opera). And if Google decides to do something we don't like (didn't they propose some change last year that was going to disable most ad blockers?), the rest of us have to swallow it or scramble to code a fork of our own that will never be as maintained and updated and featureful as the official branch, falling ever further behind.

If we want freedom, we can't be all dependent on one single software provider. Especially when that software is not just any software but what we use to find information, learn about the world and interact with others. Our web browser is too precious to leave it in the hands of one single company* and just hope for the best.


*Yes, I know the lion's share of Mozilla's funding comes from... its deal with Google. I have no counter to that. Just like the turtles, it's Google all the way down.


I just looked at the settings page in Brave and went to appearances and clicked on the button for vertical tabs and now I have vertical tabs. Very simple.


Did you know? Old versions of Opera?

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Yes, I know there are old versions out there. But the risks of surfing the web with a browser that hasn't received security updates in a decade... :fearful:

I did give it a go for a while (maybe 9 years ago), running Opera 12 inside Sandboxie for some extra protection. But it gets too problematic. If any software needs to be bang up to date, it's your browser.


For desktop browsers, I like Edge and Firefox, mostly firefox. Edge can be quite nice after you disable things like the bing side-bar and icon, the running in the background while closed and get rid of all the ads in the start page. The thing I liked the most about it is the fact that it natively supports vertical tabs. I still prefer firefox though: Edge sometimes adds annoying features that are asking to be disabled and every time it gets updated it opens a tab saying that it got updated instead of the home page. Oh and how to forget about the edge search widget that gets added to your desktop on windows from time to time without your permission. At least firefox doesn't have those two problems that I consider a bit annoying, while being open source, so if anything weird ever gets added without saying anything, people would let everyone know about it.

For mobile browsers... it's complicated. I've tried chrome for a few years, but it doesn't let you use an ad-blocker and accidentally tapping on an ad while trying to slide down or tap anywhere else can be annoying, so I tried searching for other browsers. There was Edge, but it was quite slow when I tried it, so I kept searching. Then gave firefox a try and, while it's true that the different UI took a while to get used to, it met my needs. However, it has became quite heavy recently, so my tablet with just 2 GB of RAM started going a bit slow with it, so I kept searching for more (I do still use firefox on my phone, as it has better specs and handles it better). Gave Opera a try... ads that appear in full screen that are shown by the app itself defeats all purpose of why I moved away from chrome. Then there was Via, works pretty fast, the UI looks nice and the home screen is fully customizable. But not blocking ads in youtube videos and not letting me log in with my account while "view as desktop" was enabled was a drawback for me. And now I'm currently using the default Samsung Internet browser. Works fine, supports ad blockers, acceptable UI. So far the only complaint I have about it is a non-customizable home screen (no big deal, just set the google main search page as the home screen) and very rarely not loading an image (doesnt happen too frequently, so i dont consider it a huge deal). Not the best experience I've ever had with mobile browser but as for now gets the job done. I'll keep trying more of them eventually, but as for now I think I'm gonna stay with samsung internet, can't spend every day testing browsers :sweat_smile: