Browsers Grrrrrrr

Are you kidding me? Why would you want someone tracking you, watching you, stalking you, selling your information only to have them hound you on the sites you visit with ads to bug you?

Brave, Start are good for privacy and actually give you results that are non-biased.

So, for example if you searched for "examples of search engines" in Brave or Start search bar it would come up with Google Chrome, Brave, Bing, Start, Yahoo, etc.

If you put "examples of search engines" in the Google Chrome search bar it would come up with Google Chrome, Bing, Yahoo. You wouldn't find Brave, Start, Duckduckgo in there. The latter are considered too much on the right for Chrome.

Unless, that is, that's what you're going for. But be honest.

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I use SRWare Iron browser... it's Chrome, but with all the phone-home stuff neutered. It's got versions that look identical for both Windows and Linux. I've used it for more than a decade. You can use the Google Play Store extensions... I use UBlock Origin, Tab Activate and User Agent Switcher.

I use as my search engine.

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The simplest methods to increase font size is not by changing settings but using:

  1. Left Ctrl+ mouse wheel - forwards magnifies, backwards makes smaller

  2. Increase your browsers real estate by pressing F11 for full-screen.

[Footnote: for those of you who prefer a menu bar (like me), press F10, regardless of Browser (provided it comes with one, menu bar), then select the View tab then Toolbars, and check box against 'Menu bar']

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Thanks for the tips. I am using LM Cinnamon and the left control mouse command works great. Also the F11 for full screen. But the F10 doesn't seem to work with my Brave browser but it already has the menu bar so that's no big deal.

Thanks again.

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I've been using google until now because it's the one I'm used to (been using it since my first experience with computers many years ago)

However, I've started looking into other search engines. Tried duckduckgo but it wasn't very precisse with results sometimes. Now I'm sometimes with Brave and I'm at the same state I was when starting with linux: sometimes using what im used to (google) and sometimes using Brave, and so far it seems good enough for me, might eventually drop out google completely and use only Brave: it works, shows the results I search for and I've heard it's more respecting in terms of privacy

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Can all reference to lounge topics be moved to a different thread please, I thought this thread was about Browsers.

Right, in respect of Search engines my preference is for uncensored searches so I use You go to the site then right click the address bar and then add to Firefox. Go to Settings from the burger icon top right, then select Search and change default to mojeek. (Personally I remove Google, Bing, Amazon and eBay search engines.) If mojeek can't find what you are looking for you are given the option to use a different search engine and no need to re enter search terms. My first and only choice of alternative is Brave (no need to install Brave browser).


I've seen Mojeek mentioned a few times lately, I think it's time I give it a try. I like that you can provide your preferences as URL parameters so there's no need to store any cookies.

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