BSD anyone?

It is nice to know that they are still up and running :slight_smile:
I was trying to install BSD for some years but I finally gave up since I could not live with the lack of drivers.


I love BSD. It is true that BSD is like Model railroading... It's a bit exclusive and it is not for everyone...


We were warped to the new thread before getting derailed :crazy_face:


I checked Distrowatch.
While there are over 250 Linux distros listed (which is not exhaustive), there only 15 BSD distributions. I've heard that Linux users are less than 2% of the desktop users, but BSD must be something like 0.2 %?

I had tried downloading and installing Midnight-BSD on this drive that has Zorin. At first it failed, then when I got the desktop login after third install it kept saying I was putting in the wrong password viz. looping back to user. The thing with BSD is that it is only updated every 2 years and only then after thorough testing. It was never really designed for the desktop as it was intended for server use. When you add a GUI to BSD that is when it can get hacked via (as advised by me from a member of the Linux User Group). It was developed for Students studying Unix as a single Unix licence is prohibitive.
The principle BSD is Free-BSD, I did try with some success some years ago, PC-BSD 8 or 9 and got Gnome DE installed on it. Midnight-BSD is just another flavour of BSD. Free-BSD is probably the most secure and you have to use something like 'backports' for installing stuff.


You are absolutely right about that.

If fact, I recently installed Debian server and was amazed how fast and stable it is on a very limited computer resource.

It seems to me the most tricky part is having a decent desktop.

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I toyed with FreeBSD about 25 years ago and it was rough. Still have a itch to mess with it, but that will be on the backburner for a good while. I'm getting into Linux with the intro of Zorin for me. :wink:


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