Build a PC for Linux

I am wondering if someone in future want changed machine a computer, what you have solution to build PC with operative system to next 10 or 15 years?
Better waiting for new motherboard with PCI-Express 5.0 ? I heard 4.0 are unstable. Next year coming new processor architecture, new motherboard architecture also RAM with DDR5
Graphics card will be also better and bigger.
Here some humor movie from 1 april

Maybe you have more some hardware information what will be soon on market?


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Ok, now to be serious. If you came to me with that question at the beginning of the yea when I bought my new computer, I would have said YES.

But seeing as your asking now. Might as well wait for the new tech next year. But don't expect to afford next gen video cards during a tech shortage. Your looking at an average cost of 1200 Dollars for a GPU next year.

Remember, the earliest the tech shortage can be over is 2023. And that's a best case scenario. It's one of the reasons why I stuck with buying a notebook. I knew I was never going to get a GPU for a desktop.

I reading from this all models graphic cards RTX 2060 is best solution balance price and what gived to you.

A 2060 is a low end card used in midrange computers, but forget using RTX shaders, it can't do it. Although, the 2060 will be faster then what you have now.

The 3060 is faster then the 2060 and it can actually handle RTX shaders. Plus the 3060 has full DLSS support as well.

If your going to build a new computer next year, I wouldn't settle for anything less.

It is possible for a computer to remain functional (that is, usable for basic computing such as e-mail, browsing, word processing, spreadsheets and so on) 10-15 years after build, assuming that it is a business-level build and all of the components are both mainstream (not bleeding edge) and high quality (not knockoff).

My own experience demonstrates that. I purchase/replace desktops (Dell Optiplex business computers) on a 3-generation Intel cycle. Because the replaced computers are relatively new when I replace them, I give them away to friends, set them up, and (because the computers are with friends) I know what happens over time.

Friends are currently running computers built in 2008, 2010, 2014 and 2016. The 2006 blew up in a thunderstorm and the 2012 died of heatstroke after being choked to death by sawdust. But otherwise the old computers are still doing fine for light to moderate use.

You are asking a different question, though. You are asking what technology, available today, will still be functional for demanding use 10-15 years from now, that is, still reasonably current and capable of running high-end graphics, for example. The answer to that question, it seems to me, is "none at all". Technology moves much too quickly for that to happen.


I think "future proof" is nothing but an empty concept when it comes to the computer technology.

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Yes. I know one newest operating systems example architecture Haswell no supports my graphic card AMD Radeon R9 390 , old DDR3 RAM what not exist now on market. That why I am happy with Zorin what working many things what not working on my old operative system windows 7. Example new games only support mostly windows 10. This is like you wrote a bussiness a plan to sell new components a stuff. I know coming new generation all this hardware components but I cannot complain about my PC what I build in 2015. Zorin gived him a second life and i have feeling is faster from Windows 7.
Then if my computer still alive then why buying a new computer?
What gived me better a computer ?
Back to primary question "Build a computer to Zorin" - then better wait when new technology coming and old will be cheaper? Waiting for peripherals tools will be a normal price?


seriously, it look like a jet engine.

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I thought it was a modified car radiator :blue_car:

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If I get one, I should be worried if the cat get sucked in.


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Check him youtube a channel. He have some the same type 1 april graphic cards review. Good joking.

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My instincts are to buy a generation behind, because as each generation is replaced, prices of the old generation drop. But then I am replacing on a 3-year or 4-year cycle, so I can purchase a generation behind with reasonable certainty that what I'm using will still be fully functional by the time I replace. You seem to be working on a 6-year replacement cycle, which would also seem to work along that line of thinking.

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It is very hard to predict what developments in technology will change about how we think of things.
That being said...

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle has remained steadfast and strong for far longer than computers have existed.
And we are already running into the HUP Wall.

The next thing must be organic computers...

A radiator out of a jet-powered Smart Car, maybe?


Lunch if you get lost in the desert with your laptop. :taco:


Or Desert if you get lost in the Lunch with your laptop. :upside_down_face:


Most people upgrade their computers within a year or two, and replace their computers within 3 to 5 years. That works great if your made of money, and don't care about E-waste.

Or, if your better then that, your at least selling them used. Or like you said, know a family member who you could give one too that is so old it's got no real resale value in the market.

I however, usually buy or build a new computer once every 10-years. My philosophy is, I want a computer that can do everything I need, and to do it well.

So for me, the term future proofing has merit. And since I'm not made of money, I can't afford to buy new computers every couple years. So I need something that will last.

It's like it has been said on here, technology improvement happens at a super fast rate. If you don't plan for it, your going to be left behind. Of course, it all depends on what you need a computer for.

Chromebooks are super popular right now. This is cause kids use them for school. But their not high end machines.

Just how long do you think a Chromebook is going to last tech wise, judging by the weaker hardware they use, compared to mine which uses top shelf hardware?

Yeah that is good point. Not trash a money next two years out window. I have a friend and he have a childrens and he sayed always next 2 years he bought new laptops. I building in 2015 PC but it was medium peripheral components. Was better with higher price but diffrents was only 5%.
I build a computer and still working. Sometimes artefacts when my graphic card is over heat. We need a computer to our preference not what corporation want sell you what many things are hyper with some youtube channels with high price.

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Funny that was around the same time I built my main desktop.
I optimized it for installing OSX on it.
According to my calculation, it was less than 30% of the cost of the real mac with a similar spec.