Bye Bye Zorin Os

After installing Zorin Os the computer randomly started up very slow (not always). Today simply did not start, black screen. Installed ubuntu again and problem was gone. Pity.

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Use what works for you.

But the black screen could be related that a new kernel have been roll out yesterday.


That is correct.

Some people will need the newer kernel that got rolled out, some people will not. For those who don't, you could try using the older kernel.

OP mentions installing straight Ubuntu and its working. I'd like it if they would go in terminal and type in -uname a. This way we can see what kernel version Ubuntu is using on their system.

Also, another common issue, is the kernel version in relation to specifically what Nvidia driver they are using. Not all kernel versions mesh perfectly with every Nvidia driver version.

Like Storm says, use what works, but would have been nice if the group could have helped you fix it, before jumping to Ubuntu. For me, I could never use straight Ubuntu, its just too ugly for me, and the UI is a mess.

Again, thats just my personal opinion. If you like it, thats perfectly OK! But I find the beauty of Zorin OS to be not matched by too many distro's out there. Again, thats just my personal opinion, take it with a grain of salt, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :wink:


@Joan, enjoy your ubuntu install :sunglasses:.



Newer kernels can come with regressions.
@Joan may try

sudo apt install linux-headers-5.8.0-63-generic linux-modules-5.8.0-63-generic linux-modules-extra-5.8.0-63-generic linux-image-5.8.0-63-generic

Then set the computer to always boot from that kernel instead of using the latest kernel:


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