Cable management and Zabadabadoo's Torment

Excactly that @StarTreker :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not every 5 seconds? LOL.

I'm not quite that bad.


Let there be LITE!

I wanna try Lite too. Or at least officially install the official XFCE DE from Zorin for ZOS16.


Hey Yuk, whats your cat doing today? Is he being cute? Is he being silly? Is he doing jumping jacks? Whats that cuty patootie up to these days? Did he take over your keyboard and demand treats for ransom?

Playing in his box at the moment.

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Awww, oh my gosh, thats so cute! Cats really love boxes, and you can pet them, and they purr along, so happy in their little boxes. Snuggles was cutest looking around your Window on the desktop though.

But I love seeing him all happy in his box. Oh man, what would we do without our cats? LOL


Windows 10 decided to update, cat not happy!
Mad The Internet GIF by MOODMAN


@StarTreker Captain/Admiral Kirk going to space in real life today.

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I've heard about this, he better pray, and pray, and pray some more.

I say this, cause this isn't like Star Trek, where the starfleet ships have been in products for centuries, and bugs are fixed, and ships are reliable.

That rocket he's going on, is not made by NASA, and is not made by Space X either. Its made half asked by Bezo's. And common knowledge, that he skipped many safety related steps in building that thing.

William Shatner got word of this, and his opinions went from, yeah I am going to do this to, ohhhh, I don't know if I should do this guys. Thats why I say, Shatner better pray this don't become a Challenger situation all over again.

Just so you guys know, when it comes to building a rocket that is a super dangerious piece of hardware, to bring humans into space, yeah, you don't want to skip on the safeties. Its very important we build things to regulation, and have things double checked safety wise.

But Bezo's being the grade A D-A that he is, is gonna tempt fate with Shatners life. Like I said, pray, pray, and pray some more, cause your gonna need it.

Awesome landing!

Yup. Great landing.

But, I thought he would be up there for maybe at least an hour or more. Lol.

He got up there, no green Orion girls, got bored. Came home.

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Bezos did the exact same thing last time. Their only doing it for bragging rights guys. They aint doing it to really see anything cool, or to do any science. They just screw around.

When bezos when up, he was playing food in 0-G, he never bothered looking at the pretty Earth through the Window, he couldn't care less. Again, its all just a celebrety bragging rights stunt, thats all it is.

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Hi. Screw around like here?

Yeah challenge soon they first time creating movie in Hollywood in a cosmos.

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I think I had one of those when I was a kid. I remember some kind of giant TOP with a thing like that, that made it spin. It was a popular toy when we were kids. Times of course were simpler then. There was no video games, or fancy cell phones that do everything kids use now days.

Yes. I remember buying some kit for diy with electronics parts, toys was diffrents,albums collections with stickers or from bubble gum donald's.

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I really liked that first video you posted. That guy is like the mozart of tops, he's got mad skills. I about lost my sheeeeeeet when I saw the top flying through the air like a UFO. Only to find, it was somehow riding along a string, and landed at its home base.

Very cool stuff, enjoyed, and liked! lol

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With only a little help from @FrenchPress , you guys are guilty of deviation from the title of this thread since post #46.
Maybe thread needs to be renamed "Cable management and anything else" :wink:


Wish Granted.

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