Can I add apps/programs to the "Start Menu" categories?

I'm brand new from Windows, so my Start Menu was always a "home turf". Sometimes I just need to scroll through a list of installed programs.

Is it possible to enable something like the windows Programs list in Zorin? Or am I looking in the wrong spot?

Also, is it possible to add installed programs to the different initial categories in the Zorin Menu?
Screenshot from 2021-07-06 11-48-28

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What is that? I'm not very familiar with Windows so you have to bend it in neon.

But you can add stuff to the menu. Under System Tools, there something called "Main Menu".

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I believe Windows Programs List is similar to the "All Programs list" you see on Whiskermenu (XFCE) and Stark Menu (Cinnamon). I believe Cinnamenu has it too, I'd have to go check.
It can be very helpful to have a full list in alphabetical order like that when you are not sure what Category the program falls under.


Unfortunately, I think before I start messing w/ the stock Zorin I need to really learn better how to operate it. Is there like a... getting started 101 anywhere? Some tutorial that's made specifically for former windows-addicts like me?

Thank you! Got there! Now... to figure out how to create a new item... because that's WAY over my pay grade right now... Command? What? :man_shrugging:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm lost. :man_facepalming:

What are you using, Zorin Core or Lite?
What program are you adding to the menu?


I'm trying to add image
this to the Sound & Video category.

Ah... that is a Snap Package.
Normally, if you do not know the command or the direct path when adding a new item in Alacarte, you would select "Browse" then navigate Other Location > Computer > /usr/bin/ and search through that directory. However, snap packages are not placed in /usr/bin/...
Can you please look in /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/ and see if the Video-Downloader is present there?

How might I do that, good sir?

In File browser, click "other Locations" ---> Computer

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Yes it is.

in Alacarte, you would select "Browse" then navigate Other Location > Computer > /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/Video-Downloader

Thanks all! Got this one fixed up. Slowly I'm learning...

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