Can i install Zorin OS to a partition?

I am not very good at this stuff but here i go:
My Windows pc has 2 partition (C and D). I have photos and videos on D and i dont want to bother with backup. C partition only has Windows. Can i just install Zorin OS to C partition? If yes, how can i do it?

Edit: Looks like i couldn't describe my problem very well. i just wanted to overwrite the Windows partition without touching other partitions.

No, you cannot do this, you are talking about Installing Zorin OS on an NTFS partition, this is never going to work, because Linux is incompatible with the NTFS filing system.

Zorin OS has to installed on a EXT4 partition. Please see Harvey's amazingly thorough post on this.

Are you looking to Dual Boot or overwrite Windows?

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sorry, seems like i couldn't descrbie my problem very well. i want to use the C partition for installing, it can overwrite all the data in it. zorin os doesn't seems to have a option like that. I want to save the D partition. I dont care about the C (Windows) partition.

overwrite Windows without touching the D partition. D partition has all my photos etc.

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In the installer, select the option for "Something Else." This will open a partition Manager that will allow you to select the partition you want to install on.
Linux does not use C: or D: labels, the drive is labeled by its physical device, /dev/sdX

Unless your two partitions are exactly equal in size, you can probably tell them apart by their sizes until you get used to the Linux Device naming scheme.
You will want primary partition, ext4 journaling and Be Sure To Look Near the Bottom for Mount Point. Set that to just /


Thank you very much. I search a bit before here and i found out Manjaro has a grafical interface for that. You can basically select a partition for installation and thats it. I suggest zorin os do the same...

Yes, Zorin OS uses Gparted Graphical interface for installation.

The Ubiquity installer offers a few different choices.

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