Can not connect to internet

Hi I am new to this, started using Linux a week ago and now my internet isn't working. I have a connection tried to turn things on and off. Use brave and Firefox and both can not connect. Checked my ip check my hardware turned firewall on and off but I'm lost here.
I started noticing lots of little glitches in the is like phone looking for storage and the date was displayed broken and more and more little things. So I ran Sudo apt upgrade and that's when I lost access to my internet can anyone help please.

What version of Zorin? Is it Core or Lite? Do you connect via WiFi or Ethernet for internet? Did you verify the SHA checksum of the downloaded .iso before installing?

I'm on zorin 16.1 core I guess. I use wifi. It was working fine last night until I told terminal to upgrade. Now when I ran a curl command I get (6) could not resolve host.

Not sure what Sha is?

I ran the ping command and it says: temporary failure in name resolution

Please post the terminal output of

cat /etc/resolv.conf

It says no such file or directory

Can you please check that it is properly spelled and spaced correctly?
You can copy and paste using right click in terminal:

cat /etc/resolv.conf

The file exists. If your system is missing that file; then that means that the installation is corrupted and you must reinstall Zorin OS.
Most users do not experience a lot of bugs, so I already have doubts about the integrity of the installation.
If the hard drive previously contained Fragmented corruption on the drive from WIndows OS, then it is quite possible that installing Zorin OS over that will lead to bad sectors and missing system files.
The solution to that is simply to Format the Hard Drive. Once fully formatted, then install Zorin OS normally. It should work just fine then.

If youa re Dual Booting Zorin OS with Windows, then fully defrag Windows. Use chkdsk to remove corruption. Then fully format the partition for Zorin OS - and that should work smoothly.

Oh my bad, I didn't see the space.

Ok that looks normal.

Can you relay the terminal output of

sudo lshw -C network

Is it a capital i?

It says command not found

It's an L.

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When I'm checking with my browser it says DNS address not found. I have a feeling that this got corrupted somewhere along the way?!

Still the same answer. : Command not found

Small L in,
sudo lshw -C network

Ahhh that worked.

Over to @Aravisian :wink:

Thanks man or woman. I'm sorry if Im a bit frustrated, but you have been very helpful

Killer Wifi 6...
That may be our biggest clue.

The Killer Wifi was formatted for Windows OS only and they did not relay the drivers to Open Source for Linux.
Linux Developers needed to work backwards to include it.
It is included int he Linux OEM Edge Kernel which you can install with:

sudo apt install linux-oem-20.04-edge

Once installed, reboot and tap the esc key at the motherboar4d splash screent o pull up the Grub menu.
Choose Advanced Options for Zorin and select the OEM Edge kernel to boot from.
Then test your wifi connection.

If that works, we can set your grub to default to that kernel, even if you get an upgraded kernel later, to ensure you stay on the kernel that you know works.

Ok the only thing that I have tried before is to open the grub menu. I have failed at this and once I had it open there was no advanced options only grub was displayed.