Cannot boot from USB

I have a HP Compq Presario CQ62 running WIN 7. I cannot get Zorin to run off of a thumb drive after changing the boot order. The beast keeps starting up in WIN &! ANy suggestions?

DId you install Zorin on the USB as a Bootable Medium? What procedure did you use?
Did you check the MD5checksum on your Zorin download if you downloaded from a different site than this one?

Would this be a UEFI issue?

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Check above link for HP.
DVD was great on by Acer laptop but didn’t on my HP laptop. See link to sort it.

Also see if you experience problems.

I suspect something like Fast Boot or Windows Boot Manager possibly in the BIOS? Either or both need to be disabled as pointed out by carmar - hibernation of the hard drive only started in 8.1 unless 7 has that enabled in terms of Adanced Power Settings under Power in Control Panel - worth checking.

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