Cannot center arcmenu

I want a windows 11 looking startmenu but the option to override startmenu position is just missing

Perhaps this thread and these posts can be helpful:

in the top image you can see that the option is missing. Is there any way to center it using commands?

You may have a different extension version.
Please check...
Have you already checked Extra Categories and Fine Tune in the left pane? If it is a different version, there may be a different route to the setting you want.

yeah i have checked all the options
I even installed an older version and it doesnt even let me open settings saying i have to update it

I do not use Gnome ( I use Zorin OS Lite) and I do not use ArcMenu. So I am woefully under-qualified to be much help.

You might see here:

Which, interestingly, mentions Dash-To-Dock which is default as enabled on Zorin Core.

Or hopefully, a knowledgeable Zorin Core user may be along to offer better help shortly.

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unfortunately the same problem occurs when i tried the above link

Here is the Developer and Source:

You may be able to seek Direct Help.

I am confident that you chose Gnome 3.38 as your Download Shell Version... But if not -- might be that...

Looking through Code; I saw this patch:

Are you using Fractional Scaling? That patch may make arcMenuPlacement = arcMenuPlacement; set to false if scaling interferes.

no i dont think so

I saw an option to import arcmenu options.Maybe if anyone has an import file for centering the menu?
I saw an earlier forum with an import file for this but the download link doesnt work

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Under the 3.38 version, I find:

menuLocationCombo.append_text(_("Bottom Centered"));


So, it is present in the preferences for the shell 3.38 version 13.

I am at a loss...

You really may be best off contacting the developer.
They will probably make the solution look easy in hindsight.

how would i go about contacting the developer?
Is there a terminal command to change it manually?

That is a Gnome-Shell-Extension and it operates on its own api calls, queries and scripts.
You would need a script, not a terminal command.

how would i go about creating a script like that?

Well, a person that really understands the innards of the Shell extension might be able to help.:wink:

It would take me days going over their open source code to even begin to try.

I need to crawl off and slip into a coma here, now, though. It is... hours... many hours... past my bedtime.

Besides... patience may serve better. Making a script would be a last resort. Seeking an Answer is the First Priority.

maybe i will edit it from the folder it is in

Did you already try centering it with Zorin OS settings? If you right-click the taskbar > Taskbar Settings > Position > try Align to the screen center or Align to available space center for Main Menu. I also had some difficulties on placing buttons and containers, they didn't move as I expected, some didn't even move at all :person_shrugging:.

yeah but it is not zorin menu it is arcmenu

in the files of arcmenu under preferences.js i can see that the option is not even there
Maybe i will install version 3.38

the one from the gnome shell extensions website does not have this feature.
When i installed it from source it now has the option