Cannot connect to internet albeit being connected to wifi network

Hello there,

I have been using Zorin a few months now without any major issues occuring. However a few days ago the wifi icon showed a question mark and although I still am connected to my router I cannot connect to the Internet.
The issue must be with my computer as other devices in my home network can connect to the internet without any problems. Also I had the opportunity to connect to a different wifi network but the problem persisted.
My problem is similar to that described in My wifi is connected but showing question mark always in the wifi icon
However for me the solution of using modprobe did not work.
Any suggestions as to what other options there might be to solve this problem?
I would like to simply reset my wifi settings to their original state as wifi worked fine when I installed Zorin.
Is that a feasible option?

Is it like are connected to the wifi but can not browse the internet...right ?


Even I face this problem sometimes still .. :slight_smile: I do that previous instructions again and again ... Thats how I am using the the wifi rn :sweat_smile:..

Providing the output of the following from a terminal will likely help when the problem is occurring:

open a terminal with ctrl+alt+t on your keyboard

The following output will provide specific ip information
ip a

The following output is related to your "default route" or how you get to the interwebs
ip r

if you see the line with 'default' such as:
default via dev enp3s0 proto dhcp metric 100

see if you can ping that address
ping -c4
the output should say 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.2 ms, this indicates the gateway is responsive to ping, thus it's reachable.

resolution could also be impacted, if the prior was a success try:
host and note the output, see if that provides any insight for resolution.

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