Cannot connect to NFS share

When I started using Linux I used Zorin. After a while I switched to Ubuntu. Now I am back on Zorin, Zorin 17.

I know that my NFS share works, I can stream movies from my RPi and I know that my command is correct as it was the same command I used under Ubuntu to connect to my NFS share.

sudo mount -t nfs -o mountvers=3 /home/Share

I cannot use sudo at the moment, that is another problem.

Under other locations, I use nfs:// /home/Share but I am told unable to access location, Permission denied.

How can my RPi with OSMC access my NFS share with no credentials but I am being told I do not have permission on my desktop?

NFS shares was the main reason why I switched to Ubuntu. I am back with Zorin, help is appreciated.

FYI. I edited your post, as you originally had a large blockquote, which made reading difficult.

EDIT: I do not use NFS, but is there anything in this thread that may help you. Can't mount network share as read/write - #14 by Acrunch

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I am now able to access my NFS share after installing NFS-common.

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