Cannot create a USB w/ bootable OS - Help Please

I am NEW to Zorin. I purchased Win 7 Ult OS from Digital Key to setup on HP laptop which has no OS using a USB. I am unable to move it from pt A to pt B, 1/2 the time I can't find it in Zorin , I find it - I try winapp launch - I try to load/copy/extract/move - consistent & literal Error messages. I have tried to learn about packages and have downloaded multiple suggested tools from reading forums and watching videos (Rufus, Anyburn, Retoro, Debian, Vetorro (sp?), Unetbootin, Gparted, Recastux) just to name a few and am at a loss, in overkill mode, frustrated and realize I and my lack of knowledge and experience are the problem. I can follow directions and I have to get this laptop up and running w/ this software I purchased. I would also like to load and execute alongside my Zorin - please advise and thank you!!

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I am not very familiar with this digital key system.
My last Windows 7 came with a DVD installer from Dell.

Just to clarify, are you trying to dual-boot Zorin along side with Windows 7?

Do you have any kind of SD Card slot on your laptop? You could flash the img on that and install Zorin form there maybe?

Which HP Laptop model?

Are you saying it has no OS but you want Win7 and Zorin as dual-boot as asked by French Press?

If new to Zorin, I would suggest reading this first: Before you install

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