Cannot install Zorin 16 Pro

My english isn't primary. You better know your hardware.

I doubt very much if you can find more at Discord than what we (the most active volunteers on this forum) have found for you.

Lots of members on the forum including myself are sceptical about this new Discord group and highly unlikely to join it.


That s what I think too , this strange anonymous image and that strange guy ...

Zorin OS Unofficial Server this?
I will put your problem there, Then you can little wait for refund.
The people there only from Zorin no windows.

Actually it was promoted here by someone joined the forum just 8 hours ago. You can see our reluctance to even visit the page.

After all, us, the Linux users are more concerned for security and privacy than Windows users.

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Yes, and the thread in question is this:

I gotta be honest with you , I love linux and I hate windows

It must be some understanding i don't talking about this link what was on this forum what some person put 8 hours ago.
I talking about this link Zorin OS Unofficial Server

I put your problem on that channel Discord. We will see how fast they reaction to answear.

Zorin OS Unofficial Server
unofficial zorinOS Discord

Ah, now I see the difference.
I might have to remove this dubious link from that 8 hours old member's posting.

Yeah they are diffrents.

You could try.
But I doubt it very much if you can find any solution which is within the capability of OP.

These Discord channels just dilutes support, not increase it.



Yes it could be a true. Discord is popular platform and when support there is poor and they are not here could be a correct people writing on websides support Zorin is poor. Wright?

The people start answearing about your problem. The fail link discord i cannot go to my bios motherboard setting.

cxz - The first online operating system tester Try tested Zorin there if working - demo.
From your printscreen interesting is ACPI Bios error (bug) - what kind a bug. Difficult with cut screen.

We cannot fix this sadly , as I said there is a hardware problem , nothing can fix this...

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Next time, before you buy a desktop/laptop, check this list first:

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