The ZorinOS Community Discord Server

The unofficial zorinOS Discord awaits you all!
[click on me to join!]
Link removed for the forum safety by moderator

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Users please note if you have joined with a comment in this thread.

Some parts of your sentence is missing?
I am lost.

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Always keep your guard up and trust no one on the internet

As posted recently from a NEW user only 8 hours as a member to a "unoffical"
site I have NO interest.


Zorin OS Unofficial Server @Bourne I am there.
This link what he send not working.

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Thanks for advice first check a person on forum

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All it takes is one click to cause issues...


You mean some stealing something? Oh boy.


22 posts were split to a new topic: Zorin on Discord

I guess I did not word that very well... :wink:
I had said, "Any users that joined that discord, please comment in this thread notifying us that you have done so."

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I think I failed to read your lips :lips:
In any case I made the posting safe by removing a dubious link.


Although Bourne appears to be copying that link all over the forum:

It is a legit link Bourne is posting.

Zorin OS Unofficial Server discord <-- this is legit


unofficial zorinOS Discord <-this is NOT legit

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ohhhh I was about to call a meeting on how to address that, too... Glad to know I was worrying over nothing. Way to go Bourne.

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