Cannot unlock my computer

after today's update (28th Sep 2021), I cannot unlock my computer after I lock it.

I input the correct password, but the it just does not work.

Can you please boot into the Recovery Menu.

Arrow key down to enable networking.
Back out to the menu, then arrow key down to Drop to Prompt


sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Please post the results

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It's the same issue i had, the gnome lockscreen bug.

Reboot machine to fix it. When your back into your desktop you might try this:
Check your permissions on ~/.Xauthority sounds like root owns it now. You can simply delete it and you should be fine

I copied the file to documents to be sure i don't delete something important. So far i did not ran into lockscreen problems, maybe luck or maybe it's the file.

More details: GNOME lockscreen


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