Can't boot Zorin OS 17 from USB on MacBook, on Windows it works

I want a fresh Zorin OS 17 install because since the upgrade my 2nd monitor isn't recognised.

I'm using an old MacBookPro11 from early 2014.
I created a live USB stick using Etcher. On boot the stick is recognised as 'Windows'.

But when I select it, I get a 'No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key' error.

On Windows the live USB stick works fine, but I want to install Zorin OS 17 on my macbook.

Hello HanneMaes,
I had a similar issue with my Mac and Zorin17 beta: Bootable usb key for Zorin 17 Beta not working on Mac
The solution for me was to use a different software, I used unetbootin ( instead of BalenaEtcher and it then worked fine.
I hope this helps.

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