Can't change sound output


I've been a long-time user of ubuntu, and lately Pop_OS. I had to give Zorin OS a try about a week ago and have been using it until now and i am obsessed with all the animations, design, colors and all that jazz. It looks absolutely amazing.

There's this one issue that has been bothering me. Throughout the day i switch from my headset to my speakers. So i usually just go into the settings and change the output - but the last two times I've done it, it does change visually but the sound output doesn't change. More specifically:

Every time it has happened when I've been on my speakers and want to switch to headphones. So i go into settings and change the output to my speakers, the dropdown menu will say arctis pro headset or whatever, but the sound will still come out of my speakers.

I've never had this issue in any other OS. Has anyone else experienced this kind of issue? Its quite frustrating. I usually end up restarting my computer and that'll solve it.

Gday @freshjeff ,

Try pausing the audio or stopping the Playing app,
then change settings (speaker output) & see if this helps.

Hope this helps.

Did this behaviour just start happening. Was there a software (kernel) update?

I've noticed some time lag while changing from speakers to headphones. At one point I ran the left-right sound test and couldnt get it to work on either the speakers or the headset. And this was with no apps of any sort running with audio.
I will see if it continues for me, now that I've read this query, unfortunately I can't provide a solution.

Open alsamixer in terminal.
Have a look at [Auto-Mute] and [Loopback-mode] channel settngs. Have a play with those to see if any help.

Yeah, Sound Problems with Headset and Speakers ...

I had that at the beginning, too. In my Case PulseAudio Control helped. Open the Terminal and type sudo apt install pavucontrol and then open it and look for Your Speakers and click on the Marker to set it as default. Look at this Picture:

When You now use Your Headset the Sound shopould automatically go to Your Headset and when You turn it off the Sound should land automatically on Your chosen Speakers.

I've tried that, sadly it wasn't as simple as that. At some point i even closed spotify, and re-opened it thinking it could be still using the old output, but no. Thanks anyway.

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I can't say for sure, but i'm pretty sure there hasn't been a kernel update.

Interesting. Can you give an estimate on how long the time-lag is for you? Last night i spent a good 30 minutes trying to figure this out.

Regardless, it would be appreciated if you could update me if you figure something out.


I've installed Pulse Volume Control now. Thanks, we'll see if this happens again.

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